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Business Networking

Networking requires commitment. The most successful chapters of IBN are comprised of participants who are sincerely committed to helping one another through networking.

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Online Marketing

management of your Google AdWords campaigns, to the creation of Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter accounts with monthly posts added on some of these pages.

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Branding / Outdoor Ads

Your outdoor sign is often the first thing a potential customer sees. Your sign should be sufficiently bright and conspicuous to attract attention and sufficiently informative.

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Social Media
Business Networking
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Our Clients

"We're getting rave reviews of our website, thank you so much for doing such an amazing job. We even just talked to another potential customer yesterday who was gushing over the web site right off the bat. The only problem we're having is people call us at all times of the at night because they're surfing the net, see our website, get excited and want to call right away when we're not in the office!" J. Kompf, Owner, Custom carpentry company

"We use the site frequently as a tool for sales. We reference it during phone calls with locals as well as second homeowners. It is absolutely a difference maker during the sales process." D. Preaus, Owner, custom cabinetry company

"The Ibusiness team is very easy to work with and extremely patient everyone here at our company, and we appreciate that greatly!" C. Tatro, Co-Owner, Snowbridge Roto-Rooter

"As always, I appreciate your explanations. Your attention to my concerns is great, and your replies clearly identify what we need to do." T. Johnson, Manager, Western Pipeway

"Our site has been such a great investment, and it definitely contributed to keeping us afloat when the economy was down! In fact, we've connected with some of our best and landed high dollar jobs entirely from our website. We even shipped custom milled flooring to a client out in *South Africa* who contacted us after seeing our website! Our website has really been an asset!" P. Stevens, Owner, custom wood flooring company

"Oh wow, it's amazing. I have tears running down my face! It's just perfect. The website is beautiful, and that's putting it mildly. I've gotten NOTHING done it went live. I've been busy responding to emails from everyone on how much they love it and I've probably looked at it 20 times already just to make sure it's real! Thank you so much for a website we will never stop being proud of." J. Maes, High-end gardening company owner